Acupuncture in Plainfield IL

Acupuncture in Plainfield ILAcupuncture is an ancient art that has become a respected science in our day.  The connecting nerves between all parts of our body affect movement, sensation of pain and pleasure, and engender healthy responses.  Acupuncture accesses these pathways and stimulates a proper response.  This therapy can be applied to every part of your body.  Frankly, it is not uncomfortable or unpleasant.  The results are often very dramatic allowing the patient to return to normal function very quickly.

Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness is dedicated to restoring each patient to health and maximum performance.  While chiropractic care is only a part of what we offer, it is a very important part of our service.  We cannot overstate the value of a body that is aligned and functioning like it was designed to function.  Your good health is more than taking vitamins or getting the right amount of exercise.  There are mechanical elements that must work well.  There are 206 bones in the human body and 656 muscles connected by joints and ligaments.  

In other words, we are very complex beings.  If the mechanical parts of your body are grinding and pinching, our bodies start to fail us.  That is why we cannot rely on medicine alone to solve our numerous health problems.  The nervous system runs through our spine and to every part of of body.  These nerves can be pinched, inflamed, and bruised.  This bring us back to how do we keep these important systems healthy.

Chiropractic care looks at the roots of our healthy function and seeks to solve problems by restoring the natural balance and flow of our systems.  This is done without surgery and without strong medicines that may have ugly side-affects.  If you have not tried chiropractic care for your health concerns, we invite you to discover what you are missing.  Stop by our office today and find out why so many people have found health and wellness through professional chiropractic care.