Plainfield Chiropractic

Our Total Focus is on Your Health. 

Like finding your way in the woods, it is easy to lose your way on the road to better health. In many ways, we are your guide to discover what health issues hold you back and to get you back on the road to a better life. We've been done these roads before, and we know how to help our patients. When you come to Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness Center, you will find a staff that is ready to give you all the help you need to get back on track and enjoying the journey.

Many health issues are tied to the spine, diet, or inner balance. Treating symptoms may not solve the underlying health problem. Even issues like digestion, allergies, pains, and weaknesses may be linked back to a unresolved problem elsewhere. Finding the solution can be an amazing experience as chronic and limiting problems fall away once the true source of illness is discovered.


We use a light force technique using the Activator Method of adjusting the spine with an instrument. We also use massage, Micro-current, Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Kinesio Taping and manual Chiropractic Techniques (upon request).

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We use Needling Techniques: Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique and Taoist Technique

Our Non-Needle Techniques Include: Ear Electro-Acupuncture-Using a very specialized machine to test and treat the points.

Micro-Current-Using probes to send energy into the acupuncture points. (safe for Infants and Children)


Massage Plainfield

There are many places to simply "Get a massage", but the best type of massage comes from someone who understands how the body works and knows how to help the body bounce back. Areas of specility are: Therpeutic Massage, Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage, Chair Massage, Stretching Session, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Manual Lympathic Drainage.

Years of tension and ignored problems do not solve themselves.  Many find that massage is the additional help that their body needs to make it back to full health.  In fact, this can be such a positive experience that many make it part of their regular health program.  Massage can help injury recovery, increase mobility, and stimulate the healthy operation of your body.  

Shellie Carter is our reflexologist.  Find out more...


Plainfield Reflexology

There are thousands of pressure points on the human body, and these points can be stimulated to trigger a beneficial response. Try an amazing experience that can literally resolve some of the nagging issues holding your body back from top performance.

A massage is a great way to treat your body to a positive experience. Reflexology takes this experience to the next level. An experienced reflexogist can provide a therapeutic treatment that locates and reliefs a variety of health blocks. We highly recommend reflexology a therapy that unlocks healthy channels allowing your body to heal itself. This process is far better than medicine and surgery and can be done at a fraction of the cost.